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pacific blue eyes

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Wild caught Pacific blue eyes can be difficult to transport home, well they were for me.

I have done it a few times but even then they were usually the first to go when you got them home.

I have never bought them so I don't know how they travel from the shops.

If your going wild caught make sure your prepared. you'll need good aeration in your buckets or eskies and need to get them home as quickly as possible.

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I generally give my surplus away .

I only breed small numbers - just enough to keep them going , every now and then I have to clear the overcrowding and I wind up with a dozen or so surplus - I do not get numbers worthy of selling but some people are happy to get 6 or 8 or what ever I have at hand at the time .

Mine are not a particularly good colour form either , but they seem more resilient than most .

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