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Underwater in Kedron Brook

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Had a look at Kedron Brook between Brookside and Gympie road today, was hard to find clean water further down or anywhere clean, deep enough and accessible to film larger fish,

I did manage to find a few spots where I found feral swordtails, gambusia, tilapia and platys.

The only natives i saw were Australian Smelt, mullet, unspecked hardyheads and tandanus catfish, no rainbowfish or blue eyes at all.

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I get an error occurred message when I click to play.

I used to live on Kedron Brook just off Gympie Road at Lutwyche, next to the soccer fields. But that was some 15 years ago now. Just upstream near Stafford City, platypus used to live in Kedron Brook.


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Very nice, as usual. A bit further upstream from my old stomping grounds. I used to be further down near the train bridge.

I had a look, before the last rain event, at the area next to Shand Street. Tandanus and smelt were all that were there. No ferals tho.

I don't recall there ever being rainbows in Kedron Brook. There were far too many ferals. There used to be a large number of people who had ponds near the creek so every time there was a flood it would get a new dosage. We used to go down to the old 'submarine' car park at Toombul Shopping Town (now a road to the airport) and catch all sorts of fish after floods.

Also used to catch olive glassfish, firetail and empire gudgeon between the hockey fields and the train bridge. We used to sit up in the trees and watch the turtles. Water was that clear.

All that was destroyed when they did flood mitigation which turned the creek into basically a 2 inch deep sand drain. I think all that survived were shrimp and gambusia. Nice to see some natives are back.

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I grew up in Stafford in the sixties and seventies, the Kedron Brook was our second home ,I remember catching huge swords, Gambusia,turtles a resident carp that we caught after many years but never any natives , the Tannery was still operating where Stafford city now is and use to release into the Brook as we would often see fish,eels and turtle kills downstream of the outlet and the water stank, there was no tilapia whlie I was there but i left around 1979

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