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To be a legend, you have to have been around the block a few times. To have ground it out long term. To have saved the day, or just powered on when all others have failed.

There is one beast, more highly respected than any other internal powerhead.

And that beast is the Otto internal.


+ Cheap.

+ The natural enemy of icky floating chunks in your water.

+ Proven over many many years.

+ Parts still readily available.

+ Much quicker to clean than a canister filter. Infact one of the easiest to clean filters in the hobby.

+ Easy to customize filter media to tailor it to specific aquarium and fish types.

+ Easy to replace sponges.

+ Amazing mechanical filtration.

+ Available in a range of LPH to suit different sized tanks.

+ Favorite of n00bs and pro's.

+ Perfect combo with a canister filter in larger tanks to improve mechanical filtration and aeration.

+ When used together they increase time between canister cleans.

- Impeller wear can increase noise.

- Needs more frequent cleaning than canisters.

- Because they are inside aquariums, they are less aesthetic than canisters or HOB style filters.

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