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What native shrimp are these?

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Can someone identify these?

I was hoping to find Amano shrimp to put in my aquarium but I think I got mainly freshwater prawns or something can somebody shed some light on what I've got?

These are the one species

Long claws with orange and big eyes


These are the other type

Blueish tinge with smaller eyes I got 4 of these.


Also what type of tank mates would be suitable?

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Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Probably glass shrimp for the second one unless it has fans on its front legs, if so it's a rifle shrimp.

What creek system did they come from? It may help narrow down the search.

The long arm shrimp will prey on small fish and other shrimp so keep them separate.

Cheers mick

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There are actually a heap of different Macrobrachium species - many not yet scientifically described. Ditto Caridina spp., Cardina and "Glass shrimp" are distinguished by Rostrum shape as well as colour (in same cases) and size (in some cases).

Many native Riffle shrimp will climb out of a net when removed from water - as will SOME Caridina spp - common "Glass shrimp" will not.

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