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New Tank Lighting Suggestion Please

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Hi Guys,

So i am moving house and somehow convinced the misses that a display tank would look nicer in the new house rather than the old rough around the edges tanks i have now.

Little does she realise that i will still set up the old tanks over time as well...... Lucky me...

So this guys is a perfect fit for a spot in the new lounge room 60 x 45 x 40 110 ltr, brand new , someones project that did not happen.


Any way at first this will contain just my pair of convicts. But the light i currently have on the Convicts tank must not have the right colour spectrum as i get brown algae growing on the glass and ornaments consistently.

So what i am after is a light that will sit directly on the lid of the tank so i don't get glare shinning around the lounge room.

Obviously with the right spectrum of colour to avoid algae issues.

And if i can afford it (depending on $$$) have a controller for colour, timer etc built in.

Will almost definitely order from the Techy Den or AOA or one of our other sponsors that will post.

Thanks in advance for your help Guys & Gals


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