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Marine Noob!

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Nice good to see your adding to the salt tank mate! Just do what I say to the misses all the time. "I needed it otherwise all the coral and fish we spent good money on might not last the year out" hahaha

but I must admit the misses is pretty gullabull when it comes to aquariums 

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She hasn't noticed the light yet. Where abouts did you buy your tank from @african-cichlids?  I need to try and source a replacement return pipe. 

Mine btoke when I first set the tank up and I had to repair it. But it started to leak today after I was stuffing around plumbing the chiller in. 

Then the bloody chiller sprung a leak so I had to plumb it back how it was anyway.

After pulling the chiller apart to find the leak I am surprised that it ever held water

I have replaced the two o-rings now and tested with the hose and is all good now, so it would appear I have a job for another day this week now.



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I got my tank from pet city and thay do sell seperate parts for these tanks. I'd ask if you can just buy one from one of there stock because that can be useless/takes ages to get orders in tho. Are you talking about the o-rings that slip over the drain and return pipes? If so just go get an o-ring kit from bursons parts or a bolt place no waiting than

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It looks like your doing well with your tank. Everyone always wants to stock the tank as soon as possible, but bear in mind in takes a few months for the tank

to "settle" properly. Putting to much in to soon will lead to problems, especially when your adding corals.

I have had marines for over 20 years and sadly I have reduced to only 1 marine tank mostly because prices have skyrocketed and also salt leeching is a big problem

if you don't keep on top of it. I have had 1 wall replaced that was badly damaged by salt and when the last marine is finished that wall will have to be replaced also.

My few fish that are left are truly "pensioners",, my yellow tang is over 20 years at least. I got it when Holland Park shop was operated many years ago.  The female clown died

'recently so only the male now , and he came from Aquariums in Paradise" when Barry and Laurie were operating at the gold coast.

I wish you success and hope you do really well,,, but do it slowly,,, take care.   

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