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I caught a few of these on one of my fishing trips but released them as I believe they are mainly carnivorous and do not have a ready supply of live foods.

I was wondering how difficult it is to get them onto non-live foods and if there are any types of food (apart from live) that are best for them.

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Yep as Lictoga said, try to find captive bred fish.

I actually bought a purple spot to help me with a overcrowding endler problem, the only issue was my purple spot didn't eat live food.

Rather than catching one fat purple spot out of a 6fter, I ended up catching 150 odd endlers using a net.

I still have him even after my disappointment of him not being a endler smasher.

He gets fed on ocean nutrition meat based wafers used to feed meat eating L numbers. His food costs me under $14 for a year.

He/She is now one of my favourite fish.

I got mine from mappins at west end.

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