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Ph, kh, gh for l numbers.

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I am trying to start breeding l numbers but im super confused with ph, kh and gh parameter atm.

I know that ph needs to be 6.8, kh = 3 and gh=3 for l numbers but i have no idea how to reduce kh and gh.

My current parameters are:

Ph = 7.0

Kh = 7

Gh = 12..

I heard that best way to go is rain water or rodi system but i dont have both and i dont want to spend that much money for rodi system..

How do you guys lower ur ph, kh and gh?

Has anyone used macropore white and gold from techden?

Please let me know! Thanks!

My number is 0430473566 if you can teach me on the phone will be much appreciated.

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If you can't get rain water and don't want to buy an ro unit then breeding L numbers isn't for you, unfortunately Brisbane water isn't the best for soft water fish.

Cheap ro systems are around $100 but you get alot of waste water and they are slow, there are faster and better options around the $300 mark

You can keep them in tap water and they may breed but that depends on the type of water they came from.

I have used both macropore types but they don't remove enough minerals to make a big enough difference.

Cheers mick

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