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The divided tanks


Loki and his tank (this tank is going back to grass in the bottom, just cleaner and easier to maintain)


Severus and his tank


Discus/Angel tank (sorry about other tank reflections)


Tetra tank


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Some random pics
My new angels, Uriel and Castiel

Severus being his gorgeous self!
Caught a decent pic of a silvertip and a black neon tetra
My new silver dollars that are tank mates with Loki
The axolotl eggs (laid 19th Aug) are starting to develop, and we might have the odd one or two lol

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The axi eggs (pictured above) are starting to hatch now. We will soon be doing the first cull/clean up of the batch.
We are getting there with setting up the area outside for the axi breeding and raising. I have picked up a 5ft 3 tiered stand and 2x 4ft tanks. 1 of the 4fts is home to the female adult axis and the other will be home to the males once it has been resealed. There is also a 3ft tank out there that will be home to larger juvie axis, although it is housing the males at the moment until their tank is ready.
The 1st batch of juvies have now been moved into individual cups, these are sitting on the 5ft stand at the moment. Once the 6ft tank is moved, another stand will be going in to hold the individual containers.
Some pics of the eggs (in above post) so you can see what stage they are at :)

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An update:
Sorry I haven't added anything new for a while. My hubby and I have recently bought our own home. So I have been busy trying to condense down the tanks to keep just what I need running. I have also added another 2 racks to the tank totals lol (around 28 tanks)....I have an undercover area full of tanks waiting to be moved lol, also more sitting in the pool (table) room.
I managed to get the guys that built most of my tanks to, when moving date is here, bring their truck and gear to move the majority of tanks over for me (thankfully!!!) Will be setting some of these up at the new house and bringing fish and filters over and putting on the holding tanks while, I empty and then move the remaining tanks from the old house.
I am also in the process of getting quotes to have a 6mx6m shed (fishroom) built at the new house. All the tanks will eventually be put into here, but first up they will need to go into the undercover area and the entertainment shed. The new shed will be fully insulated and lined, with a drain in the floor. Once the shed is built I will be looking at getting a few bigger tanks built
I am also going to merge my planted tanks into the 6x2x2 tank...
I cant wait honestly, very excited to finally have my own fish tank shed
Just so I added a few latest pics
One of my current planted tanks
And one of my goldie tank

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Wow, very nice setups.

When do you have time to eat?

I love the oscar tanks, you don't often see them with decor like that. i can't decide whether I like the black gravel or grass better.

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So most of the tanks are moved to the new place, I am only running the bare essentials, as I really don't want to have to move too many established tanks once the shed is built (its ordered, but may not be finished to at least FEB)

My planted tank is staying in the entertainment room (thankfully lol) so it have been fully scaped now


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Some updates

The planted angel tank, also home to Cories, Dwarf loaches, Clown loaches, peppermint BN, Common BN, Silver tip tetra, Neon tetra, Cardinal tetra, Glolight tetra, Paradise fish, Black neon tetra, i think thats it lol

The planted guppy tank, also home to Calico BN and Bronze cories

The oscar tank, also home to silver dollars, a gibbi pleco, BGK, a Common BN & Eel tail cats (i am aware it is VERY overstocked)

The goldie tank

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