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I got my first lot of Desert Goby Fry a few days ago and over the last few days I've managed to suck up about 60 with a turkey baster and put them into a 2ft to grow.

A few close ups



I also noticed my biggest male 'Biggie' sitting on around 200 eggs that look like they will hatch in the next few days I'm just wondering should I let nature run its course like the last time or should I try to remove the log?

You can see the white eggs at the very back of the log


These guys are fast and much more developed than my Bumblebee Goby Fry if I leave them in the tank it only takes about 3hrs for them to all get eaten.



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If you want fry, I would remove the eggs and artificially hatch/raise. But ask yourself, why do I want fry? Nothing wrong with them getting eaten if unwanted.

I will probably be asking myself that question later but for the first batch I have to try. It's part of the whole experience.

Also I paid $20 a pop for these fish including delivery and they are a seriously underrated fish, so I figured they'd be worth something to someone. I haven't seen any in the LFS on the Gold Coast Definitely my favourite out of everything that I have so much attitude and I can hand feed them which is pretty cool.

Here is a picture of the Mrs hand-feeding


I'll put them for sale for about $10ea once they grow to size I think. I might also put a few small ones in with the BBG's to see if they get along.

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