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WTB 3ft tank ( Gold Coast ) -FOUND THANX-

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Hi there i am wanting to buy a 3ft tank asap..Must be in VGC or display quality..surely someone local has something they dont want anymore...

i also need lids too and must be relative air-tight/sealed..

please PM me if you have anything to offer..or as alternative is there any local suppliers that u would recommend to make or sell such a tank..

size approx 900x360 and approx 460-600H..

also i can use a hood too to fit so any offers considered..raw or painted dont matter as will be fixed up accordingly..

i am just looking to save a few $$$ from buying from LFS as dont need brand new...

Hope to hear from some1 soon..cash waiting..

Regards Dave

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Hi Chris thanx for the reply..

Unfortunately i have already bought the stand and the biggest i can go is 16" in depth so 18" would be a bit too much overhang i think..any chance of getting a 14"-16" made in the same lot??? Otherwisse they sound perfcect but yeah sorry..what would be an approx price on these aswell?? PM if you do not wish to advertise here..

Regards Dave

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Hi mick thnx for reply,,

I just called into LFS at Southport to see whats on offer ( edited due to me being a NooB )..

and found an absolute bargain tank and hood..3 x 15" x 18" tanks for $72..

i had to buy it and a hood for an extra $90..They also have all sizes at very cheap prices so take a look if need be..

Thanx anyways though..

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Iv seriously gotten my wires crossed... :roll::roll::roll:

I thought the sale which is at Nerang was the Southport shop...

Sorry 4 being such a NooB...

Its the shop near Supercheap where i got the tank from...

But i will keep that in mind for future reference thanx Mick..


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