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The Fluval FX6 has revolutionised the way we look at canister Filters.

We are happy to announce the arrival of the New and Improved FX6 is now in store for everyone to enjoy.


With new features such as


The latest generation of FX6 incorporates 2 Additional Trays for even greater media capacity and flexibility. With FX, the water path involves a sequential process that makes it cleaner and cleaner as it travels through each stage of filtration. This concept is far more efficient and effective than other canisters that force water through all filtration stages in one shot.


POWERED FX GRAVEL VAC (sold separately available in the not too distant)

[TABLE=class: pb8_table, width: 880]


[TD=align: left] This new feature connects directly to the Utility Valve for powered substrate cleaning. A thumb-operated flow valve regulates pressure simply and effectively, while disposable filtration bags offer mess-free maintenance for various applications.


[TD=align: right] gravel_vac.png[/TD]



Whats in the box?

  • Rubber hosing

  • Rim Connectors, clips and suction cups
  • Inake stem
  • Output nozzle
  • Lid fasteners
  • Filter canister
  • Utility valve and hosing
  • Drain cap
  • Pump unit (motor) and power cord
  • Rubbert feet
  • Media baskets
  • 1/2 media baskets
  • Filter lid and other accessories

Be the first in the country to get your hands on the New Fluval FX6

Priced at $699 - and as always your forum discount applies. Standard $7.50 flat rate delivery Nation Wide.

Be sure to mention QLDAF and your user name in the shipping instructions or over the counter to claim it.

Limited numbers available from this first shipment so first in best dressed.


Josh, Terri, Dean and the AOA Team.

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Just quickly will the new baskets fit the old filter? if so can we buy just the baskets on their own ?

Hey Stefan,

Just hit up the rep as to be honest i wasn't sure. Not sure if they will fit the old models trays, can't see why not though. However they haven't ordered any new spare parts at this stage as they are expected to last a long time.



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Okay cool, If they do it may be of interest to me when I do start my tank back up as all my old baskets have accidentally been left in the sun for too long! Also an impeller has eaten a bulk amount of coral sand, you stock these parts too yes?

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If the 3 bigger trays are the same size as before, you wouldn't fit any more media in by adding 2 half trays. More likely less media as the new trays takes up more space.

They are great filters though.

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