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I'm Alex, I have at least 10 years in the hobby and I found a lot of good information here, so I decided to make part of this great community. I'll be very happy to contribute with my experience, if it's helpful.

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hey welcome dude. I don't have half the experience or smart of the folks here so i contribute not if its helpful but if its funny. weird sense of humor.

your expertise will be most welcome.

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Welcome aboard the good ship "QLDAF"

Sailing for fishy adventure in the shallows seas. I gather you're already there in "UE / RO" ! Europe?



(slightly overboard about giant pink gouramis)

Yes, I am far away... here in Europe.


Welcome to the forum, what fish do you keep?

Yes indeed, you got me ;)

I have several tanks, and I keep Endlers (N-class), Discus, Angelfish, Rummy Nose, Rasbora harlequin and SAE.

The following days I'll present ýou, some of my aquariums and eventually, I'm going to share few experiences or ask about your feedback.

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