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HBH sale

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Ill make it easier and post them in here tomorrow

Otherwise Ill forget someone lol

Also I dont have heaps of stock left as Im running down what I have left

Some things there are heaps of and some I dont

Ill only put up bulk amounts and if your after a different item its probably best to email me as my inbox fills up quickly



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Hey guys

Sorry bout taking so long

I have left in stock atm

Krill Super Soft Now only $112.50

Spirulina Soft and Moist Now only $112.50

8 Veggie Flake Now only $127.50

These are in 2.5kg bags unopened of course

I also have a fair range still avail. in smaller sizes

i.e African Cichlid Attack 794gm only $21.50

email me if there is anything your after

I can freight stuff through Fastway if anyone is interested


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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