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$15 Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green" Packs

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I currently have way too much wendtii "Green" in my high light non-CO2 tank at the moment and am wanting to thin most of it out to clear some space for a semi-aquascape. These plants came originally from Aquagreen stock, and thus I believe they are the broader-leaved form of "Green" (photo for reference). The mature plants usually get a very nice brown colouration on the undersides of the leaves and occasionally get this on the tops of the leaves as well (this is not dependent on CO2 injection in my experience). The plants range from about 5cm to 35cm in height and are snail free. Express Postage is $12.

Small plants (approx. 5-10cm): 10 plants for $15 ON HOLD
Med. plants (approx. 20cm): 4 plants for $15
X-Large plants (approx. 30cm): 2 plants for $15




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