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Hommel the Bristlenose Catfish

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Hi all,

Please see attached photo.

We have had Hommel for a few years now.  The tank he is in is old and I want to throw it out.  He is kept in about PH netural water at 26 degrees and he is about 10cm long.  Can I please ask for your knowledge as to if you think he will survive in my african cichlid tank?  I keep my cichlids at about ph 8 at 26 degrees.  If you think he'll be ok then I will transfer him over but if not then I will have to sell him.  Thank you.

Kind regards,



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46 minutes ago, clickme said:

just thinking out loud, if the BN is in a tank by himself you may want to increase the ph slowly, a little at a time each day till it hits 8 then consider the move.

just saying is all.


Good point.  I'll do that.  Cheers

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