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Plant deficiency help

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Hi all, 

So tank is doing well 2 months in but have noticed some signs of deficiency insomething.  one plant is basically dying hygrophila pinnatifida.  Pulled one out yesterday and all leaves looked dead except for some new growth baby leaves at the bottom, has a nice root on it.  Any ideas appreciated.  Currently no fert dosing, it's a dirted tank using organic fert with some clay mixed in. 



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Hi mlaser,

Would help us help you if you can also give us some more information.

What plants do you have?
Which are showing signs of deficiency?
Which are growing fine?
Which lights you use?

Can come down to not enough nutrients, water parameters not ideal for specific plants or lights not strong enough or too strong.


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1 x Java fern - doing ok not huge amount of growth.
- crypts, slow growth
HM - going really well, lots of growth, although some parts have started to look brownish but surrounded by lush green new growth.
1 x Aponogeton crispus - going really well, lots of growth
2 x red melon - doing well but some of the leaves as pictured above the oldest leaves are showing darkening around the edges.

2 x marble queen, gone nuts, massive leaves and lots of them.
Thin val - doing well, random brown strand but is spreading all over the tank.
red ludwigia - doing really well, constantly trimming
Lilaeopsis - very small growth, not doing great.

Lights are 100cm dee 6500k 42watt.


Pressurised Co2 is also in effect.  


Pic is from start to one month of growth.


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Can offer a guess?


I suspect the hygro is being shaded. Or having a hard time with another plants roots. The easy solution is to remove it and try something else in that spot.

The lights making ground covers tricky. The HM is doing good so could remove lilliposis and replace with monte carlo. Then link the lawns.

If certain plants arent doing well we either change the tech to suit them...  or we get more of the ones that do well.

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