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FREE - Rainbow Shark to good home

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Yes he is FREE

Since I had to pull down the 5ft / 400L, his home, he has been re-housed in smaller and smaller tanks. I have had him for 4 years now and really want to keep him, but that is not a reality for me and I have to face letting him go.

In the 5ftr he had two little hidy holes and darted out if anyone came too close else he was fine with all the other fish.  It was a community tropical. 

Sadly he is in a 40L old sump I have dug out .  I know I will never have the 5ft operational as a fish only tank so he has to go.  The sooner the better.

He is between 10 and 12 cm in size.  Magnificent colour - the black and red are deep.  He is very health and in good nick. 

I put him in a small jar for photos and that should show you his size and colour.

Please get him out of the small tank and in to a nice home.

He will go to the LFS if there are no takers.

Location - Sunshine Coast

Delivery - Pickup only please ( I could not bear to risk anything else)

Price - FREEEEEEE  ( I would not say no to a few plants or moss, but absolutely not necessary)

PM - me if interested.



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