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Media Set Up - Matrix

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I was hoping someone could tell me if Im on the right track and help my headache.. with my new Media Set with adding Matrix to my mix.. I have a few tanks and filters so have broken it Down.. with what they have ATM and to what I was planning to change too.

Canister Filter 1 -1400 3-Basket

Running 6-foot tank w/-Filter Sponges

Present – Bottom to top

1.Bio Balls – Sponge

2.Ceramic Noodles – Sponge

3.Sponge – wool

New Set –Up

Bio Balls (bottom of canister, under basket)

1.Ceramic noodles – Sponge

2.Matrix – Sponge

3.Sponge – Wool



Ocellaris 3000UV – 3-Basket

ATM – Bottom to Top

1.sintered glass filter media –Sponge

2.sintered glass filter media –Sponge

3.Sponge –Wool

New Set-Up

 sintered glass filter media (bottom of canister, under basket)

1.Matrix – Sponge
2.Matrix – Sponge

3.Sponge - Wool


This filter is running on Heavy stocked 650L Tank in conjunction with an Eheim pro 3.. Which runs with – 2 x trays of mech pro, 1x Bio Mech,1x Substrate pro..


Would going with 2 trays of Matrix in the Ocellaris be a good idea, or should I maybe replace 1 of the Mech pro trays in the Eheim for some matrix instead or aswell.. (What is the MECHpro anyway I thought it was mechanical but read it is BIO on their site)


I also have a Trickle Filter on a 3-foot 175L tank.. It has:

Tray 1 & 2 has wool - Sponge - ceramic noodles (top to bottom) I removed the carbon..

Apparently Matrix isn't advised as much in a trickle system so I was going to add some Bakki Balls to tray 2..


Just hoping to see if I have everything in the correct order in giving my tank a good system and have not missed any anything..




Ps. is this site Mobile Friendly to download Pics, only way I can it done ATM




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