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Frontosa keeper

WTB L134 breeding pair

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You might find a proven pair or even a colony but it doesn't mean they will breed for you. You'd be better off buying a few little ones and let them settle and grow into a colony. Just moving adults can really upset them and 134's need to be super happy and feel super safe and secure before they'll even consider dropping eggs. That's why when people do finally spawn these guys they rarely move them on cause the time frame and patience it took to get them to spawn in the 1st place out weighs the asking price to sell them. Definitely an awesome plec though hope you find some. 

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Just saw this on FB.



L134 trio
Brisbane, Australia

I have decided to move on a trio of my L134s. Beautiful fish. They have bred for previous owner but not for me unfortunately. The previous owner also bought from different people so theres a better chance theyre not related. I dont have photos of them as ill have to pull my tank apart to catch them and i really only want to do that once to catch them for sale. Buyer will not be disappointed. Last measurement a couple of months ago they were all 8-9cm. No shipping pick up from algester 4115



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