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AMAZING in Store ONLY Promo for marine aquariums!!!

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ULTIMATE AQUACARE is an amazing Australian brand that use the best and finest ingredients designed to promote good coral growth. We have a range of their salts available at a fantastic, discounted price for In-Store pick up. They have two different salts available. Marine/Reef salt for accelerated growth and Natural Sea Salt for coral colours. 
Marine/Reef or Natural Sea Salt Prices are:
22KG Bucket- Normally $127.95 - IN STORE $80.00
20KG Box- Normally $105.95 - IN STORE $65.00
11KG Bucket - Normally $84.95 - IN STORE $50.00
5.5 KG Bucket- Normally $52.95 - IN STORE $35.00
2.2KG Bucket - Normally $31.96 - IN STORE $20.00

Not only is it a really great salt, it is also manufactured in Australia so you are directly helping support Aussies!!!

  Come in and see us today to grab one of these amazing bargains while they last!



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