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Echinodorus - Amazon sword and Paul Kloecker + thin val

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Closing down my 6ft set up as I've moved and can't take it with me unfortunately.

I have a large amazon sword amazonicus and a large paul kloecker from LCA.

The large amazon sword also has a long shoot where more plantlets are forming.

There's also some sword plantlets and an echinodorus tropica which doesn't seem to grow as well as the others.

I'm not too sure how much they're worth, but a similar sized paul kloecker from LCA is $74.95 currently.


I'd be happy with $30 for each of the large plants and $4 each for the others (tropica and plantlets) 


$60 if you want them all.


Also, there's thin vallisneria that you can see in the second picture. After $10.






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