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FS: Tanganyikan groups. Xeno's, Furcifer, Callo's

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9 x Cyathopharynx Furcifer Resha 7-10cm 2M 7Fm That is an educated guess ONLY. $180

9/10 x Callochromis Melanostigma Ndole. 5cm $250

4 x Xenotilapia Singularis 7/8cm 2M @Fm $140

6 x Xenotilapia Melanogenys Namansi Reef 6-10cm 2M 4Fm $200

I have tried but Tangs aren't my cup of tea even though they are very pretty.
Would consider swap for Rare or uncommon quality Malawi Haps, Albino Red Empress or Gephyrochromis Lawsi

No pictures of the actual fish at the moment, very hard to get good pics, I will try later.
Pick up Birkdale 4159, could possibly ship this week only for the right swap only.

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