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WTB - S.S Mesh

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Item: Stainless Steel Mesh
Size: 30 x 30 or 40 x 40 or anything larger than 30cm.

Location: Forest Lake/Brisbane

Price: 5 - 50

Hi all,

I am looking for stainless steel mesh to use as a divider for a shrimp tank.

If you have any, know of where to acquire any or any links to eBay ones, i would appreciate that heaps!



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Usually when I am in search of a material that I cannot buy at the local hardware shops, my first stop is always Mcmaster-Carr however!!!!! This time when I purchased the stainless steel wire cloth that I needed from Mcmaster Carr, they sent me the exact product that I offered, but they left the manufacturer's sticker on!  So - the next time that I needed this material, I saved myself the overhead extra charge that Mcmaster is making and went directly to the real manufacturer of this material - and the sticker read "Belleville Wire Cloth"  Their site can be found here - Belleville Wire Cloth - Stainless Steel Wire Mesh .

Keep in mind, Belleville has a $100 minimum, so if you are looking to buy something like a very small piece, and you will not be spending $100, it will not be worth ordering from them.  I ordered 4 different items, and got $50 worth of each one, and it worked out perfectly.  Just an FYI for the next time you buy from a supply house - always look for the manufacturers' sticker - you can save a lot of $$$

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