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[GONE] Free Bristlenoses to a good home!

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Hi all,

I have ~20 bristlenoses approx 4-5 years old which started as fry when my partner tended to aquariums. Unfortunately she passed away last year. I've tended to them since but I have now been asked to travel overseas urgently for 8 weeks on Monday and so cannot tend to them throughout this period. Thus, I'd like to see them go to some happy homes and am willing to give them up for free given that you guys helped my partner out when she started tending to her aquariums.

I have not accurately measured them but I'd estimate them to be between 4-8cm in length, though a couple may be a little longer than that.

I would like to give as many of them away to someone as possible, but I'm happy for multiple people to take them, so long as I can offload them before I need to leave. If you want to take literally all of them, fantastic! I have some spare equipment if you want to take the whole tank and just deal with them as you see fit. I have a couple of smaller tanks too, though they'd need cleaning first.

I am located at Annerley and would ideally have you come here, but I could potentially drop them off if necessary. I can do that this weekend during the day, but I'm busy saturday early morning and evening.

I've tried taking a couple of photos, but I apologise for the terrible quality - the reflection is really hard to deal with and I don't know how you guys get such good shots!

Almost all of them are in perfectly healthy condition, though for responsible disclosure I have noticed that a few have shed some of their pattern in the last week. I suspect because the water quality deteroriated when I was not around last week. I corrected that earlier this week with a substantial water change and cleaning of the tank (why did she choose sand as a substrate!) but they haven't yet healed. This has happened a couple of times over the years that they've been around but I've never had one die so I'm not too concerned, but I understand that you may want only perfectly healthy ones and so wanted to let you know. I'm happy to help quarintine these ones and have a couple of smaller tanks that you can have for free if you want to keep them in that until they recover. Unfortunately, I'm not able to hold on to them until they do, so I'd really appreciate if someone can give them the TLC they deserve.

As noted, I also have some random equipment (tanks, filters, decorations, etc.) in varying conditions, some of which has been in use and some not used for quite some time. If you come over to pick some Bristlenoses up you're welcome to pick through it as you like. I'd prefer it give someone else some joy than to try to sell it for small cash on the side.

Thanks guys, I'm happy to answer any questions :) Please don't just me too hard, I was never good at fishkeeping and left it up to my partner to work her magic! I apologise in advance if I've missed something that I'm supposed to post.



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I've got 3 PMs so far - I'll work with these people to work out who wants what but note that I'll then let you know from now on if you're next in line and there's any remaining! Thanks everyone for helping me ensure they get looked after :)

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