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2ft cube what to put in it

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I use 2 ft cubes ( planed +CO2) for Melanotaenia Praecox .

Had Iriatherina Werneri in the other one but I accidentally  killed them So now empty ( waiting for the Qfas auction ).

in 24x18x24 tanks I keep Rhadinocentrus ornatus and Melanotaenia Maccullochi .

Have previously kept a pair of Festiviums ( used to be Cichlasoma Festivius years ago but now called something else )

And lastly I have had a pyramid of rocks in a 2ft cube with some Julidachromis Dickfeldi ( basically a pair with several generations of fry )

There are many choices some more difficult than others but a 2ft cube is a decent size tank - I used to like them in the old days because they are just the right size for a 150 watt Metal hallide ( I no longer use hallides due to $1700 power bills if I do )

2 - Fresh and plant 2.0 Fluvals work pretty well on a 2ft cube if you go planted !

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