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fs trio of wc blue zaire chumbuz

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sup all

i have a trio of wc bz chumbuz that i purchased a few months ago from stoney, which are apparently imported by rav / loyd some years ago.

male is 25cm very dark and deep blue.

x2 female 16cm or so

look i got the 3 for 700 bucks so ill pass em on for that if any one is keen.

i tried to get into fronnies, but... nah not for me as they ... (to me) boring as bat s@#$^t or like watching paint dry. (I'm a pred guy)

wasted a perfectly good 7 foot action tank that housed saratogaz, mangrove jacks and barraz for fish with as much action as watching my rocks or driftwood. 

need em gone asap or they are going into the frying pan. 


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