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Guppy best tank mates

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Actually not a bad idea for a thread.

I avoid any fish with a diamond shape(serpae, tiger barb), as they are fin nippers, as are bumble bee goby.

Swordtails will bully them, as can big mollie. Anything smarter will likely hunt their fry.

Guppies like high pH so dont bloody keep them with fish that like low pH like neons.

Then again.... people do everything I say not too.... and often have great success lol.

I am all about avoiding potential problems. Potential problems potentially never happen. So sometimes I try bad mixes BUT only if I have a back up plan and can separate to separate tanks if it goes to hell.

Personally, I find keeping guppies alive long term to be challenging enough just by themselves lol. You know what I keep with guppies? Cherry shrimp, filters, heaters and plants. Maybe a snail if I feel adventurous, or a balloon mollie if I am being blackmailed by a 5 year old.

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On 9/24/2016 at 6:20 PM, Donny@ageofaquariums said:

Personally, I find keeping guppies alive long term to be challenging enough just by themselves lol

i know a lady, that she is korean is important because i think her thinking is rooted in that culture. how fish fare is just not a conversation that you can have with her. they either live or die. thats it.

she has a 8 to 10 containers.  I do mean containers.  all but one are glass.  that one is a plastic opaque office works storage container.  volume of water ranges - i suspect smallest is 4lt and biggest 15 to 20 lts.  

she puts water from the garden hose. puts a house plant of some kind that copes with water, puts guppies in.  when they breed and get so many you cant see the water for guppies she gets another container puts water in it, a plant and transfer some guppies over.  

no water change ever, no bio, no media, no waiting for water to cycle, no chems, no meds, no tech, no aquarium plants, no water flow, no O2, no substrate, no tank, no fish food (bread and goodness knows what), she never been to a fish shop.  

when there are too many fish for one conatainer she creates another one. when she has no containers left for spare, I suspect she feeds one or two lots to the chickens, dont' really know, too scared to ask.

the buggers are tough as nails, just wont die. never does anything to cater for fry, males, females.  they breed like rabbits.

when she visits me, she looks at my tanks and stuff and just laughs.

been doing it for years, I suspect her fish have evolved in to rambo, ninja, super guppies.

I wonder what this all means........


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It means we all have our methods...... and also you have not been there to witness it all go wrong.

Bragging about being invincible with guppies is something you do before having to eat humble pie.

On the other hand.....  if you never risk adding new genetics.....  guppies are a whole lot easier.

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This thread is all well & good but doesn't do anything for the URL link click count the OP is wanting. I guess he is trying to make some youtube money? 

The Korean lady keeping fish in containers is a very experienced and capable fish keeper. It takes quite a bit of skill/mistakes/observation to successfully keep (and breed) fish this way. Far better fish skills than I have.

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Yep, going pure with no real tech is almost a spiritual way to experience the hobby. I know I have a closer bond with my paradise fish in a bowl, than with my guppies in a 6x2x2 "high tech" setup. Guppies are like humans, they will breed out of balance with their environment, so you need to save them from themselves before a really hot day = a wipeout.



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