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Hi all, just joined the forum. I've been a fish keeper on & off most of my life, starting with a 2 foot guppy tank and finished with a 4 foot planted Angel tank. It's been about 3 years since I've kept any aqua-pets, but the kids grandma bought them both a betta and bowl, about 1.5 liters capacity. As they are betta,  I've upgraded there homes to an Animates 9l home and contents kits, and an Aqua one betta mono set up with a heater. I know these are small, a even for a better!  And bigger is always better, but I love the simplicity and the ease of set up with these kits. They have been bight second hand from Gumtree for a fraction of the new price, and the kids betta love them so much more than their smaller bowls, though slowing down the filter output has been a mission.

I was wondering what your thoughts were on 'nano' tank set ups like these for a single betta only. (No way is it big enough for just about anything else).

Also, thoughts on planting vs fake /plants considering a 3 watt led light?  I have a silk plant in one, plastics in the other, and all have passed the 'stocking' test to try and minimize find damage. They are both veil tails...

Is it worth a nano CO 2 set up for a planted tank?

Yes, the bug is back, but kinda into the bettas right now as a single specimen set up... and advice from experienced keepers of these beautiful fishes is always appeared.  

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So sorry to hear that, Mercutio! Couple of things might have contributed to your wife's fellow's downfall - Even on a nano tank, you do have to spend a couple (if you can, a month) 'Cycling' the tank to get the bacteria up, there is a thread on this forum that will explain in geat detail exactly what that means. 

Secondly, the water quality might be too off for the little fella - I know is an investment, but you can get pH kits for between $30 - $40 that include enough adjusters to keep a nano tank 'balanced' for Bettas for literally years. a little goes a long way! 

Thirdly, as robust as these guys are, they do need to be floated for about 30 mins, then about 10% of the tank water added every ten minutes or so so they can adjust to the temp and the water quality of the new tank. Always use a water ager / declorinator / Primer etc...for the water and water changes and rinse the artificial plants, filter medium and the tank with warm water - never used detergents on any of your fish keeping equipment that enters his water.  Dry them in the sun to kill any bugs. Same with the gravel, before adding to your Bettas environment. 

Oh, they do need a heater too... about 24 - 27 degrees is where they thrive. 

Or it could be as simple as the little guy was stressed out. Some Bettas are highly strung.

So frustrating when you hear the stories of Bettas being kept in plastic cups and vases and living for years.

At the very least you've tried to give one a good home, and, being for a class room, might even be tax deductible.

i hope you and your wife try again, though. When it works, it works very very well!

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