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800L Native back up and running

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Taking some advice from another member..

I had to drain it about a year ago after a few house moves and i'm finally at a place where i have enough room.

Was killing me not having it setup as i had to move my fish on-wards to holding tanks at various friends houses as i didn't want to sell them.

Stock -  Maccullochella mariensis, Hephasteus carbo, Syncomistes butleri and a few dither/cod food Leiopotherapon unicolor. 

Few real plants for the grunters to munch on and some fakies.

All fish are fine together.


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Yeah it is and he's a bloody unit as well lol so chunky, massivore and carnivore just put weight on him.

I do have a plan with the cod just in case anyone's like "ahhh he's gonna kill everything!"

Here's a few pics i couldn't add today, none of the cod yet as he wont come out of his cod hole, excuse the messy glass at the back i can't reach it lol.

Also just realised i posted in the wrong section -_--_- 




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