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Where's all the American Cichlids ? ? ?

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Been trolling a few LFS on the Northside and looking through the forum classified and breeders registers, one needs to ask, where are the Central and South American Cichlids?

Even some of the staff at these stores seem a little ignorant that Cichlids don't just come from Africa.

Angels, Discus and some a few others are represented but nowhere near the selection of Africans to choose from.

One store tried to sell me Red Forest Jewels as South American. (Were in their SA Section even).

Wouldn't mind knowing if some breeders has some American Fry for sale.

All comes down to supply and demand I suppose. Are Americans that unpopular? I know George W is not real popular here!

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American cichlids aren't "in" at the moment. They used to be, died off, came back about 6 years ago. Comes & goes in fads. I remember when I couldn't give my salvini fry away. I kept them as I liked them, they sort of came back in, easy to sell etc.

Maybe they will come back in, don't know.

Frenchy :D

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I gotta say - what are you after.

On the weekend I went to two stores and saw some very nice salvini and gold severum, trimacs and jack dempsey - good texas too. Plenty of other stuff around. Fenestratum, real nice chocholates.

Lot of geos around at the moment - seem to be flavour of the month.

Not many dwarfs this weekend - well one species and the only female I could find had a bent back bone.

Keyholes and firemouths.

Less common stuff - like less common africans you gotta post a WTB and look harder.


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hrmm... i see the more common american's in just about every northside aquarium... ie: convicts, firemouths, jack dempseys, oscars, managuence, red devils, blue acaras, rivulatus, etc...

just lately i've actually noticed a few of the not so common american cichlids around... like dovii, cubans & festae... picked up a nice cuban from the strathpine aq 2 weeks ago... very happy with it :D

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Ventured across the river yesterday to Pet City, picked up a couple of Americans and some food.

Good range of fish to choose from.

Place was chock a block, I don't know if I liked or hated the place.

Was so busy took ages to get served, once I was the service was good

My son ran a muck and got a few dirty looks from other customers.

The place is too small for the amount of gear and the ceiling too low, I think this makes it a little claustrophobic.

Thanks shady I think these would be a bit big for my tank though.


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