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6x2x2 Aqua One Brilliance

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So here is my story


I have been planning this for a couple of months now

Finally the new tank got delivered on Friday evening, not the easiest to carry up three sets of stairs but got it up to where it needed to be in the lounge room


So there it was on the ground, The Aqua One Brilliance 180

one box which was the flat packed stand, the tank which we took out of the box to carry to make sure it wasn't slippery and all the lights ect laid out on the dining table


So with a smile on my face I grabbed my battery drill with screwdriver bit, a beer and I got to work putting the stand together

I must say the booklet to build the stand made an Ikea flat pack booklet look good but with a little common sense it was put together pretty quick


Next step was to get the stand into place, put the tank on top but left it two foot off the wall so I could get in behind to run the pipe work for the filter that comes with the tank


One more beer, and went to work setting up the new filter

After some discussion with the guys where I got the tank and a bit off googling on what media comes with the filter the junk that came with the filter got scrapped

Everything got a good wash as I put it all together

1st (bottom) fine sponge the filled with coral rubble

2nd Same as above

3rd course sponge on the bottom and filled up with matrix

4th course sponge the topped up with the rest of the matrix (2.5kg's total) and the noodles that came with the filter

There was a handful of noodles left over that I chucked in under the baskets


Put it all together and sat it in place in the stand, ran the filter hoses and inlet out lets into the tank.


Another beer and mounted a cheap LED light I had along the back/top of the stand so when turned on light up the cavities in the stand so I could see exactly what I am doing

This will also be for a small tank that will be going in the stand for quarantine/grow out...or whatever


I wiped all the inside and outside of the glass down, pushed the tank into its final place and that was Friday night done


Saturday was the day to get the next phase going

So off to the LFS for a black stick on background.


I had already been to the local pool store and picked up 60 kgs of pool filter sand during the week

Also dropped in on the way home from the LFS to the local landscape supplies, I had checked out Quartzite a couple of weeks ago there so dug around the pile of rocks

and chose the ones I wanted, only $115 a tonne so cost me less than 20 bucks for the rocks for the tank


Back home and got to washing everything ready to go in the tank and gernied the crap out of the rocks


Some light defusser cut up to handle the rock work through the middle of the tank and in went the 60 kgs of sand


Next did a plan of how I was going to have the rock work on the floor, one attempt and I was happy so I didn’t over think it, took a photo so I didn't forget what went where

and the rock went in the tank


Filled the tank up half way to test the filter and make sure there was no leaks before I went any further


That was Saturday gone, and yes there was a few beers along the way


Sunday was upon me


So as I had said in the beginning I had been planning this for a bit.

I have had a spare canister filter running in my 4fter for the last month or so full of scoria to build up the bio


So my plan was to do a 50% water change on my 4fter giving me 150 ltrs of fishy water, also take the 100ltr from my little fronnie tank (the fronnies get the new 6ft home so they can grow up)


SO total 250 ltrs fishy water

The tank is 570 ltr, at a guess rocks and sand would take 70 ltrs worth of space,

so 250 ltrs of fishy water and 250 ltrs of new water ..a cycled canister filter ..same as a 50% water change really

all new water was temp matched as it went along so i didn’t need to wait to let the heaters do their thing


So grabbed my buckets as I can’t get a hose between the tanks and of I went braking my back carrying water back and forth up and down stairs..

I was wrecked by the time I finished it..muscles hurt that I didn’t even know I had

So tank was full of water two canister filters running on it (new and cycled)


So next was to get the inhabitants in, Mr Pleco got scooped out of the 4fter and drip acclimatised in a bucket for half hour or so and in he went

Mrs Pleco went next Same process

and lucky last the little fronnies went through the process and were popped into their new home.


I am not that happy with the lights, as with the pale rock colour and white-ish sand it makes it all look a little milky so I will look into swapping out the globes

or the whole light set up for something else down the track, if it was planted with darker gravel or something I think they would be great but just not for the look I want

I am only using one light in these pics 


Only thing left now is to find a nice chunk of drift wood for the back right corner and set up some sort of blue night moon light night

I don’t think any green will go in it at all as I want it to look rift lake


I will be checking water conditions every second day for the next couple of weeks to make sure there is no ammo/Nitrite spikes ect just to be sure

my cycled canister and water swap worked as I expected


Oh, also going to be getting my hands on some tank mates for the fronnies as they grow up...Gold Comps and or Calvus at this stage for a pop of colour

(after suggestions if you have good ideas)


I know this was incredibly long and probably a tedious read but thought i would share..any comments welcome good or bad


Thanks for reading


Edit. Just noting that i had a builder check the floor and had to add a support to ensure the floor would handle the weight





















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So devastating last couple of days 

New tank, then scratched it 

But in quick succession i have lost over half of my small Frontosa.

I was sad but now just angry

I daily have been checking water perms 

But at least one a day I have had sudden death of a front
*I lost a couple before i buffered the PH with the Malawi buffer
When i took a water sample to the LFS they couldn't find anything but suggested to get the PH up now they 
were in their long term home as that's all they could suggest 

PH: 8.4 (adjusted by Seachem Malawi buffer and coral ruble in filter) 
Ammo: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 5 (max) 

I noticed one go.
No signs of anything 
Colour good, breathing normal 
Swimming fine with the others then a sudden psychotic dart about 6 inches in 
random direction stopped still, did that a couple more times and then it was all over

So from fine to dead seemingly in seconds (but of course there would be something underlying) 

I put it down to stress of the move for the first one but after 6 i am sure its more
So i assume some sort of poisoning......

I used the same sand in my other two tanks so assume no issue with it.
I cleaned the tank with water and wiped it all over so think it should be fine.
The rocks, well Quartzite is supposed to be fine.. But who knows..

Thats all i can think of that something is leaching into the water from the rock.
I had pressure washed them ... 


In a dire attempt to save the littlies left (only 5) I have removed the rock and 50% WC yesterday 

I will do 50% again when i get home from work today and do that every day till the end of the week
I now its sounds drastic but hopefully if there is something in the water poisoning them that will remove it fully 

If thats not the reason i have lost them i am at a total loss...Time will tell..

I feel like i have had a bad run, but realistically its all been my not doing the right thing , that guts me.

Lessons learned 

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Man that sucks! did u test your rocks? I did the vinegar test, if it fizzes it's no good. If your parameters are good, could possibly be the rocks leeching. I've  never used any type of buffers for my tank just bought a bag of shell grit put it in a filter bag placed in my filter for ph that's pretty much it. I had 10 F1 Kitumba fry i bought in June this year within 2 months 1 got sick died and then 4 followed. I know how you're feeling. Good Luck mate.

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