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how ya goin guys

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what a great site. ive been breeding peacocks in my 4 ft tank for a while now(dont know what there actually called, i figured u guys would be able to help me out) and i thought id like to take it to the next level. so now ive got 3 * 4 ft tanks, 5 * 3 ft tanks and a few others little ones for fry. ive also just started breeding common bristlenose. i recently got some baby fronnies and electric yellows off a mate to breed one day and he told me about this site, it covers everything... good job!!



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and the addiction will keep growing so dont think that you have everything you will want cause you will want more and more and more :lol::lol::lol::twisted:

well welcome to the best forum in my opinion on the net for all things fishy hope you enjoy your self and we will see you around the site


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