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Geophagus problem

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Hi all I'm having trouble with my geo's wondering if anyone can help?

I've got a 6x2x2 running 2 2200ltr/hr cannisters, in the tank i have a breeding pair of rio pindares 15cm , 5 tapajos 10ish cm, 5 ottos, 2 corys & a sae.

3 weeks ago I picked up 4 tapajos to add to my 1 lonely tapa, 2 weeks went by all good, but the last week 1 went dark, stopped eating, started twitching, eyes went milky & eventually keeled over now I've got a second heading that way any help would be appreciated.


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I could be barking up the wrong tree but could be internal parasites?

Kisuri all-wormer is an anti parasite i have used and it worked well,

certainly won't do any harm to treat the entire tank for worms anyway...

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