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Reef tank sump upgrade

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So I've been wanting to upgrade the sump on my AR 400 for a while now (pretty much since I got it).

So tonight I sat down with my dogs and a couple of beers and planned out the new sump.

I'm thinking I will use one of the $79 3x18x14 glass tanks from AOA as the starting point and get the baffles cut to size.

I'm planning on using glass for the baffles in the hopes that they will provide enough strength to allow me to remove the bracing from the top of the tank.

Do you guys think that will work?

I would love to have the whole thing built out of acrylic but alas I have not recently won the lotto.

Anyhow, on to the layout.

I came up with a 5 section design as the pictures show. Water drains from the display into section A. Where it then overflows into 2x 4 inch filter socks. It then flows out the bottom of section A into section B which will house the skimmer and 1 or 2 reactors (currently only running one on the tank but may ad a second at a later date). Section C will be full of marine pure and D will hold the return pump. Section E will be a refugium which flows back into the return area, it will be supplied probably by the chiller return.

Any suggestions on ways to improve the design are welcome.

Pictures: note, the dogs were very enthusiastically watching on.....






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Tank purchased from AOA to be turned into the new sump, and what a bargain! Ended up being like $72 after forum discount and I couldn't be happier with it as a starting point. Nice neat silicone job and beveled edges.

The trip to age of aquariums cost a lot more than that after I found out they sell coral now and saw the amazing zoas they have at the moment. 

Ended up grabbing 5 different zoa plugs and a bunch of other miscellaneous aquarium items while I was there.

Now I just have to get some baffles to size and put it together.

Can anyone recommend somewhere that cuts glass to order and hopefully isn't too expensive?



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Progress report: 

Spent yesterday morning calling glass shops around Brendale looking for the best price.

Ended up getting the 7 pieces I needed cut for $66 which I was happy enough with.

Then came home, cleaned all the sharp edges with emery tape, removed the tank bracing and began assembly.

The first baffle was a little rough but nothing that won't clean up with a razor when the silicone dries.

Just have to silicone the weir/ sock holder assembly in and wait a couple of weeks to test it.







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Update, installed the sump a couple of weekends ago,  finally finished plumbing it in properly last weekend. Built a pvc manifold so I can run everything off the m1 and everything seems so be working well.

Also folded up a little side table/ chiller cover out of sheet metal at work for the ato bucket to sit on and to keep the wife happy about the chiller being outside the cabinet. 

Pretty happy with how it all turned out, now I just have to get my dosing pump set up.

End of update, time to water change.

Have a good weekend.








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