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New used 3 foot tank

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Picked up a 3" gj maher tank for a price too good to pass up. 

But it was a cherry red stain... which wouldn't work in the house. And I needed it a bit taller. Got some cut to size pine and added some skirting boards from the big green shed. A few coats of paint, a lot of sanding to remove my crappy paint job then a few more coats of paint. 


Remived the old old background and replaced with a really thin fibreglass one. 

3 foot led lights I bought from this forum. 

300 w jäger heater runs a bit hot, So is set at 20 degrees. 

Eheim 2218 doing the job. I ran it for a few weeks on another tank to get the bacteria going. 

New substrate was a mix of Amazonia and aquasoil I think. 

Planted with crypts from my old tank, some lilaeopsis and a bunch of val. 

the goldvine wouldn't sink- so I screwed acrylic sheet to the bottom and buried it under the substrate. 




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