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what did u buy at the auctions??

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Did mark cause this accisental bid?..lol.

I built a new 4 foot stand and starting getting my full setup running. The yellows are looking great Cara. Really dissapointed about missing this auction It won't happen again..Just couldn't afford to go (always say no buying but really you would have to buy something) Anywayas hope the night went well for all. Interested to see everyones post...

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wow you did really well then beau!

ray where were you? i didn't see you. i was at the back with roo, doug, garon and mark. and tabs and roo's wife to lol

my accidental bid was on stupid windelov java fern which i really didn't want. i paid 16 bucks for it! i kinda put my hand up to call the guy over who was looking for me as he was bringing me some lil fishies lol. whoops. i learned my lesson.

which guppies did you get ray??

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thanks very much matt and no it was not me that caused cara to bid she just put her hand up at the wrong time :lol::lol:

just like roos wife shellie nearly bid on a fronny it was only $50 :lol::lol:

i was a good boy till about 10.30 then i got into money i shouldnt have but it is all good

i ended up getting some

gouramis (for shane)2

golden eel tail cats 2

rosei bards for the pond 12

bumble bee cat 1

johannii male 1

some weed

and a heap of filters and stuff still havent look in the boxs to see what was in them yet

but it was a good night and congrats to the clud for there first auction it was a really good and funny night hope the club continues to do the auctions

and i got to catch up with a lot of people too

cara where is my money

mark :lol::lol::twisted:

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I sold everything I took in hope the peopel who bought thought they were nice fish. But I bought some cories, guppies, carins mcullochi, guppies more guppies and suprise me some more guppies. Actually enjoyed the auction thought it was a great range of fish from the normal elctric blues, yellows,humpies and bristlies will be back to the next one.

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It was a great night and thank you all for comming. Was great to put some faces to names lol. I sold everything I took and got myself a big bag of filter wool, a black ghost knife, a bit of drift wood, a nice size tank for my fighter and I pick up my stuff I ordered from Beau. Can't wait for the next one :D . Oh and Ray sorry I didn't say hello when I bought some of you fish to you lol I was looking at you each time thinking I know that guy but why do I PMSL. My excuse I had been up since 6:30am and was onyl running on 5 hours sleep. Please forgive me :oops::D . Oh and for anyone else I was the chick that was running fish/stuff early on in the night for a couple of hours :lol:

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Ya it was a good Nite and thanks to every one that made this happen


Kingie sizie

white clouds


Pair of fighters

Shellys and 1 spair of a nother kind lol

A heap of plants for the new display tank


And some kebenchers (spelling)

I think most of the fish sold so all up was a great nite

O Cara you where lucky you left when u did there was a heap of natives lol


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awwww i'm gonna go and cry now :cry::cry::cry:

last auction i came prepared. all cashed up waiting for my natives, this time had stuff all money (and a dodgy bid which didn't help either lol) and there were heaps of natives. bugger bugger bugger poo!!!!!

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