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Granit Bay


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clearing out my 6fter and have 2 pieces of driftwood to sell. first piece is a really nice hollow log which has some needle leaf java fern attatched to it. the piece is around 65cm long and great for driftwood loving catfish or a centerpiece surrounded by plants. selling this piece for $70


the next piece has multiple branches which i used to attach ferns and mosses. this piece is approx 87cm long and 40cm tall. selling this piece for $40IMG_9418.thumb.JPG.dc081122240dddb3f6aed5b1192d348c.JPGIMG_9416.thumb.JPG.1227ae9a56241b9cd4984313d92b63d4.JPG

both pieces have been in tank for a few years so wont leak tannins. can sell both together for $80.

pick up only in samsonvale, cheers 

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