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Internation Guest 2018 - Adrian Indermauer - Lake Tanganyika.

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I have sent some correspondence to Bill on our guest for next year to see if there is any interest. In case Bill isnt seeing it i will post here. Let us know what you think QLD?

Hi Bill,

Hope you have been doing well? How is the club fairing? We have been doing well and are really getting some new members pouring in. We have done quite a fair bit for the Stuart grant Fund lately and the message is getting out there. 3 of us are off to Malawi this year in October for a safari on lake and to release some endangered species back to their locations.

We are bringing out another international guest next year in March. This time we are bringing out Adrian Indermauer from Switzerland. He is very famous for his pictures and work in Lake Tanganyika. He is there often and is currently doing some work on the lake at the moment. Very reputable source of amazing photo’s, footage and information on Lake Tanganyika and his adventures with all the big names.

Would you be interested? We have looked at a sort of schedule for him in March 2018. He has a tight schedule as he has a commitment from 17th March.

From his home in Basel, Switzerland –

Arrive Perth Sat 3rd March.

Leave Perth Wed 7th.

Arrive QLD Wed 7th

Leave QLD Sun 11th.

Arrive VIC Sun 11th

Leave VIC Thurs 15th.

Arrive home in Basel @ 5pm Friday 16th.

We have looked at the prices and we can use Qantas /British Airways and do this for $1800 total. Which is $600 per club.

Adrian would need the usual accommodation and some transport. He is adventurous and outgoing and would love to see some sights.

He has mentioned bringing his wife at his own cost so he has someone to hang with.

Let me know what you think? I think $600 is great for such an awesome guest and the guy is excited to come to Australia and share all his knowledge and footage. He will have new footage to show off as he is there now on expedition.


Mike - Perth Cichlid Society.

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