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Eric A

WTB: Amazon Sword, Thin Vallis, Dwarf Sag, small crypts

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Heyya guys.

Looking to buy some of the following. Haven't really seen much in the way of these from any of my frequented LFSs so I figured I'd ask here.

1. I'm chasing a smaller sword, don't mind if it's a red, green purple orange or pink. Just would like for it to be a smaller leaved variety and smaller in total. 
2. Also looking for a few bunches of thin val. Found plenty of jungle val around the place but the leaves will be a bit thick in a small tank. 
3. Looking for about 4-5 plants of dwarf sag
4. and about 3 smaller crypts (or other small foreground plants/hairgrass/dwarf swords etc)

I'm not looking for any java moss or ferns or anubias, but if you have something else that you think I might like feel free to suggest it.


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