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How to work out selling price?????

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Dear forum members

I have a colleague who may be interested in one or two of my fish. To give him a good deal and not insult him I am wondering if there is a traditional formula or practice when working out the selling price of BNs and Whiptails :?:


Albino Male BN breeder @8cm would be worth?

Royal Whiptail catfish @ 8cm would be worth?


what is the rank order in value for bn eg lowest to highest is common bn followed by albino bn followed by longfin common etc etc

Thanks for being patient with my 'beginner' questions. :)


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not a silly question at all the prices vary just about weekly but here is my ranking

common b/nose

orange spot


standard longfin


albino longfins

the orange spots and albino can swap ive heard of orange spots cheaper than standard(heard of never seen)but these prices also vary with the sizes for example an orange spot pair will prob sell for more than an albino pair


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hey i just look through websites and match what other peoples prices are.

i agree with smiley nearly my list is:



orange spots


common long fins


albino long fins

but yeah the list of prices changes almost weekly. currently i have seen common long fins for 12 each and 22 each. really depends on who is selling, how many they are selling and quality ie bent tails and the like :roll:

well i hope that i helped out a bit :D

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