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Hello From Perth :)

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Hello everybody.

Relatively new to the forum however I have been spying as a guest for a little while. :) I had a profile a good while back, but good luck to me remembering the name let alone password, lol. 

I have been keeping aquariums for a couple of years, and own a 6x2x2 + a 3x1x1.5 growout tank. My main interest in the hobby is in native fish and planted aquariums (while staying true to the native aspect). In my 6x2x2 I have a Neosilurus Ater, Coal Grunter and a Sleepy Cod, filtered by two Nautilus 2700. I intend on upgrading to a sump somewhere along the line, mainly because the fish will be big and dirty, and I'd like to get the ugly equipment out of the tank. The tank will eventually be planted up a bit, if I can find any of the nice-r native plants I'm looking for in WA.  I have recently "inherited" a 6kg Co2 setup and bought a metal halide which will be hung over it, so hoping I can plant up rather soon. :D 

In the 3x1x1.5 I have some fish growing out to go in the 6x2x2. This includes a Sooty Grunter and two Neosilurus Hyrtlii. I also have some Rainbowfish (Fish river and Parkinsoni), 3 Angelfish, a Spiney Eel, BN, Peps, Tetras and Danios in the same 3x1x1.5. It is a bit of an odd mix, but it is working until the Sooty and Hyrtlii are large enough to not be eaten in the big boy tank. :P Once they are in the 6x2x2 I intend on turning it into it's own display, or selling it and getting a nice cube tank. 

Hopefully you will see me posting more about the tank/s as I change them in time :) 



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