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Tankmate Suggestions.

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Hi All,

I was looking for some suggestions for new tankmates for my community tank.

It currently is home to :-

3 x green Sevs - 1 breeding pair & 1 female

2 x silver dollars

1 x breeding pr common bn plus young

1 x eel tail cat

1 x common pleco

1 x sailfin pleco

1 x whiptail cat

6 x penguin tetras

4 x BA tetras

4 x bronze corys

2 x peppered corys

1 x Black ghost knife

Both breeding pairs and the common pleco are being moved to new tanks and i'm gettin rid of the silver dollars,

and they are in a 6x18x18 tank with a 1200l hang over filter and 2400l cannister.

I was thinking maybe some more cichlids, peaceful ones or dwarf species (i was thinking maybe a few geos or apistogramma) but i'm unsure of what to get so if anyone can make some suggestions it would be appreciated.

Thanks Cav...

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