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**ignore this thread- SORRY POSTED TWICEHelp with struggling plants

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Hi all, 

This is our first tank, 45gallon, freshwater, fluvel 305 filter, Carib sea Flora max gravel, 2 airbubblers, Fluvel LED freshwater light set at a mid brightness (it’s on a dimmer so hard to give actual amount) - 8hrs white light, 2hrs blue, planted with; Anubius, crypts, swords, java fern, blue strictor, baby tears, pearl moss. 
Stocked with;3 yo-yos, 3 Rams,6 Congo tetras, 3 SAE, 1 bristlenose, 2 Angels.  
Water parameters; 
Amm 0ppm
Nitri 0ppm
Nitra 40ppm
Temp 26 
25% h20 change with prime added weekly 
Pro fito Fert used as needed at half strength (no more than once weekly) 

My husband has been watching the plants carefully, the crypts leaves had started to go a browny grey washed out colour, the swords had started to develop brown dots (?light burn), tips of Java look glassy - so we fertilised 1/2 dose and dimmed the light slightly 2 days ago.  Today the anubious leaves have started curling, the crypts and swords leaves are slightly wavy, the new leaves on the swords are going translucent, and the crypts are going dark. 

Please see photos attached - NOTE-  that my iPhone camera is saturating all the photos, the plants are not that green lush looking in real life they are more of a yellowly, washed out green, some leaves on the crypts are almost browny green.  

We are at a loss? More fertiliser? Too much? Do we need to add Co2 ?
Any help to get this tank looking healthy would be great. 

TIA Layla and Shane 

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