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Catch 22 situation with community planted aquarium

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Hello, I have planted community aquarium. I have baby guppy and baby molly.


I have two plants.


Ammonia - 0

Nitrite - 0

Nitrate - 10

Tank size - 170L


I am adding easy life profito 10ml for 170L twice a week. With this dose I found that new leave on ludvigia is going downward from stem.


If I dose 10ml every second day the. Plant leaf point upward from stem.


Only problem is, baby guppies are mysteriously dying. With 10ml every second day. I am in catch 22 situation. Do I save plant or fish?


Is fert for plant cause fish death?


Thank you



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Are you finding the dead Guppy Fry or they are just going missing?. If they are disappearing (depending on their size) they may be being eaten by larger fish or sucked in to filter. It is unlikely that the ferts are the cause of the fish deaths as long as your tests are accurate but there may be many other reasons that your plants are not going well. I guess that perhaps your light is not good enough as the first line of trouble shooting - add a picture of your tank if you like, might make it easier to help you 

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