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QLDAF Members are Amazing

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To ALL the QLDAFers who have followed the trials and tribulations of the Giant Pink Gouramis

From the solitary GPG "Tiddles" who arrived in October 2009 to the 20+ inhabitants of January 2018

Living in assorted accommodation - 

  • Originally, the "Top Pool" - a 10ft 'Bestway' splasher pool with a blow-up ring approx. 4,000 litres, then
  • the interim "GPG Lake" - a 4.5m diameter metal-walled above ground pool - approx. 13,000 litres, and 
  • finally, the "GPG Billabong" - 26ft (9m x 5m) pebblecrete swimming pool - approx. 40,000 litres.


I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the 100,000 views across all 5 threads.

The fact that so many people out there are intrigued, amused, or just bewildered by, the GPG adventures is very motivating - thank you ! 




Cheers, and Happy New Year in 2018  !  :dance:   !



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