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Stocking 6ft Mainly Africans

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I am looking at expanding my little family.

I currently have:

2 x Electric Yellow

1 x Pseudotropheus saulosi

2 x Flamebacks

2 x Maingano's

3 x Clown Loaches

1 x Common Pleco

I would like to add to the tank but am not sure what would be most compatible.

I have plenty of filtration and lots of rocks and hiding spots.

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.


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hey champ you could put most africans in there. i'd stay away from the larger ones just go for something different such as peacocks or something like trewerse or even hongi that way you get different colours and shapes. just remember if you add smaller fish especially peacocks to an established tank they may get picked on.



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Thanks very much for the reply's

I would like some more variety but am worried about putting the more aggressive types in.

I am still undecided what I will do but I have a few options now.

Will update on what I do and how they go.

Thanks again.

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I've found large groups of a couple of different coloured species works best as they tend to show their full colours more in colonies... with single fish of heaps of different species you'll tend to get one or two males take dominance and show full colour and the rest never reach their full potential.

But each to their own! Its your tank after all :egrin:

If you'd like some ideas this site is great... http://www.cichlid-forum.com/tanks/

At the top right there is a search function which lets you search on tank size, fish lists, substrate types, etc.

Good luck!

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