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this is my latest project, pretty excited about it so i thought i'd show off some progress

my fish nook is in my living room so i've been putting a lot of effort into making this second hand metal rack look nice. removing spot rust, repainting, and building shelves/baseboards and black base foam.
i've also tried to reduce small gaps to cockroach hidey holes. this will be my first roach free racking system.

still a way to go, two 4 footers up top and the bottom shelf will have a QT tank on the left half and an enclosed cabinet on the right (to house filters/electricals).

all the tanks in the background are my current fish nook so they all have to go. more fish in more water in less space :D YEWWW


here's a rough plan, the dividers will be filter foam sheets


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today's progress, was gonna cap the holes but decided to plumb some lines with valves for quick water changes because i had most of the parts already.

also found a pretty sweet way to mount my ecolamp kr90, not sure if its gonna cut the cake but it looks pretty neat and tidy fixed beneath the shelf

tomorrow ill be moving it into the corner and adding the fishies :) 




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new system up and running, and the fish have settled in. the transfer wasn't as smooth as i'd hoped and some of the fish suffered for it (sitting in tanks with no filters for too long)


i generally leave fry with the parents until i absolutely have to separate. so due to the transfer 3 different spawns had to be put in this area for grow out.



the middle tier is epic, there's about 50+ panduros and about 20-30 trifasciatus growing out in here. i also have two trif breeding pairs in here because there's nowhere else to put them until the extra dividers arrive in the mail.


and filter city... i'm gonna build a cabinet door to enclose all the filtration/electrical stuff and look nice. why don't i use a sump? silence is golden. and this is in my living room :P

the top tanks get 2 cans each and then 1 for the bottom tank. those eheim quick connect taps are so awesome for juggling filters

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