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Neolamprolgus multifaciauts

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yep i just feed mine flake that i make as fine as i can in the fingers as well as leave some a bit bigger for the adults but still not to big the temp is around 24-27 and if you see them filling in the shells dont go emptying them like someone did and i wont who it was c??a :lol::lol: but really once they start breeding they just keep going and the good thing is they look after each other so no need to remove the fry

mine are in a half of a 2ft tank with caudos on the other side but they are sepperated but i will be giving them a tank of their own soon just not looking forward to moving them :lol::lol: but they dont seam to like it to bright with light so dim lighting works for me just what light they get from the room light no extra light

here is a good link too http://www.shelldwellers.com/index.php

hope this helps


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