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Melanotaenia breeders

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Hey guys, are there any rainbow breeders out there? I have two tanks that i want to stock with single species of melanotaenia in each.

I am set on Herbertaxelrodi for one tank and pretty open for the other.Herbertaxelrodi.jpg

I currently have 12 good sized Trifasciata 'Habgood River' and i am willing to swap 3-4 of them for another species, as theyre are outgrowing their 4x15x18 tank.Trifasciata 'Habgood River'.png



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1 hour ago, tdj5 said:

Have you looked at smiths aquarium or look at their site 

Hi, i have looked at Smiths. That's actually where i bought the habgood river trifasciata from. I just thought I'd try my luck with local breeders first. 

They don't seem to be very popular, it's looking like Smiths or Livefish might be my best bet.


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